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 WWE RAW - 21 de Dezembro de 2009

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MensagemAssunto: WWE RAW - 21 de Dezembro de 2009   Ter 2 Fev 2010 - 20:45

I thought Johnny Damon looked nervous and uncomfortable as the guest host. The crowd wasn't really into him either. Then, they recreated the Tiger's wife chasing a Tiger with a golf club thing? Wow. I wonder if Vince just heard of the Tiger thing now and decided to run with this. Why do it now, a month after the initial news? Way to stay on top of current events. This was one of those, "I'm embarrassed to be watching this show" kind of moments, which was accentuated by the fact that Michael F'N Cole thought it was hilarious. Of course Vince thought it was great.

The divas segment was typical. Walk out, smile, do a move or two and have no semblance of a storyline. They spent most of the match trying to cover up because some kid might be offended if they saw some cleavage. Kelly pinned Maryse after a Melina drop kick to Maryse. I also miss the use of thongs in these types of matches. Damn you, PG. Damn you to hell.

Kofi pining Dibiase in the six man was okay. Problem is, most of the momentum that was on Kofi before the TLC loss to Orton is pretty much gone. Hopefully he gets a serious push going into the Rumble. As for Legacy, they've gone from looking like major players to being role players again. Weak.

How can I talk about the Little People's Court segments without going into great detail about how bad they were? Hmmmm. Let's try this. You know how Chris Rock is arguably the best standup comedian of the last 10-15 years, but any movie where he's been the star has been pretty bad because the scripts usually suck? That's what this reminded me of. I generally like the work that HBK and HHH do, but these things were time wasters. They had two segments that felt like 6 or 7 minutes each and then they had to recap it all later. By the way, the combined age of the two guys making midgets on this show? 84. I'm just saying. I wish I hit fast forward through this.

The Cena/Swagger match surprisingly went about 12 minutes before Cena won with the STF. I'd rate it at **3/4. Good effort by both guys. Hopefully this leads for some kind of push for Swagger although I have my doubts considering he was barely used for the past month.

Masters beat Carlito in a squash. Eve was sitting at ringside. Why can't she stand? I have no idea. Post match, she pulled out a mistletoe and gave Masters a kiss reminiscent of what 12 year olds do. I guess they hit their target audience with that.

Sheamus beat MVP in under 3 minutes. Good booking. I laughed when they had MVP cut a promo about wanting to be a World Champion. I think he, along with Swagger, needs to start lifting weights with Triple H. Post match, Cena wanted his rematch with Sheamus only for the champ to walk away. They announced the match for next week later in the show.

They had Johnny Damon drop Bret Hart's name this week while Vince sold it like it disgusted him. I think they should have announced him for January 4th on this show. I guess they will next week. Two weeks of hype is better than one.

The Miz beat Santino Claus in about two minutes. Get Miz a proper feud, please.

Big Show came out, he called out the real Santa (there were ex-wrestlers dressed as Santa all night) and out he came. It was pretty obvious it was Jericho. Everybody probably knew except Cole and Lawler, who acted like the biggest idiots alive when Hornswoggle revealed Chris. All the midgets came out, Jerishow beat them up and DX came out for the save after Show gave one of the midgets a sidewalk slam. Way to be prompt, boys. I thought HHH would tear up a quad running down the ramp. They beat up Jerishow of course, and then had a confrontation with Hornswoggle. To end the show, DX announced Hornswoggle is the new official mascot of DX. I guess this means more bad skits for everyone.

To end the show, the 23 year old playing the midget that behaves like a 3 year old said "SUCK IT!" as his first words. Ponder that. Savor that. Contemplate that. Now, keep that in mind as you remember that Vince McMahon said WWE is a more sophisticated product these days compared to their past. I guess he's right. Nobody tried having sex with a mannequin this year.


Three Stars of the Show
1. Chavo Guerrero - For being spared this week at least. Nobody should ever be happier for not being used on a show.
2. Jack Swagger
3. John Cena

In fourth place was the fan with the "Troglodyte" sign. Yes, I saw it. That was fantastic.

Brutal show. Maybe the worst of the year although I've given it the same as last week's debacle, so it's right there with the worst of the year. At least two of the matches got decent time for a change. Did they write this show after being drunk at a Christmas party or something? It was awful. While I'm sure that Vince, HHH and Shawn think all the Hornswoggle bits were hilarious they really were not. It's just that nobody in the company is going to have the guts to tell them they were not funny.

Next week's show might be okay with a Sheamus/Cena title match, but all I'm looking forward to is January 4th with Bret Hart.

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WWE RAW - 21 de Dezembro de 2009
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